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Karissa Shannon is the other half of the identical twin duo Kristina Shannon, and they were the Playboy Playmates of the Month for Miss July and Miss August 2009 in a combined summer issue.

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Though born in Michigan, Karissa Shannon was raised in Clearwater Beach, Florida and attended Largo High School. She and her sister were also homeschooled.


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She has appeared in “The Girls Next Door,” “Celebrity Big Brother” and the film “Somewhere.”


Previous to their fame, they worked as WingHouse servers. They visited California for a photo-shoot after being chosen as finalists for Playboy’s 55th Playmate Search. It was there that they caught Hugh Hefner’s attention (tampabay.com).


They moved into the Playboy Mansion in 2008 as two of Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends. The twins said the relationship was more for publicity for the show “The Girls Next Door” and fun, rather than sexual in nature.


In 2008, she and her sister were arrested on suspicion of felony-aggravated battery. They were released after posting $10,000 bonds and were ordered to pay restitution and subsequently given probation.


In 2010, the twins moved out of the mansion, but they still appeared on “The Girls Next Door.” That same year, they threatened to write a tell-all book about Hugh, which never materialized.


Aside from modeling, they like riding water scooters and parasailing.


Karissa Shannon gained more attention when she said she was involved in a sex tape with Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag. A tape of Karissa and then-boyfriend Sam Jones was released in 2010 called "Karissa Shannon Superstar” by Vivid Entertainment.


Karissa said, “I never wanted to be a school teacher or something small, I wanted to be something that people could look up to. I always loved entertainment…I wanted to do something like that when I got older.”


As for appearing on television together, Karissa Shannon said in 2010, “We’re really, really close. We hang out every day, we talk every day, our goals are the same, and we think the same. We’re actually trying to be more individual as we get older. Now we’re just trying to get people to notice us individually. It’s hard because we are so much the same.” She added, “It’s tough, especially being known as ‘The Twins.’”


Karissa Shannon also released a single, Juice and Vodka with her boyfriend, Sam Jones.

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Karissa  Shannon photo Model <p>Karissa Shannon is the other half of the identical twin duo Kristina&nbsp;Shannon, and they were the Playboy Playmates of the Month for Miss July and Miss August 2009 in a combined summer issue.</p>
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