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Joselyn Cano is a Hispanic model from Orange County probably best known for her Instagram shots.

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Joselyn Cano’s measurements are 34-24-34 with a D cup. Her nickname is Josey. She has appeared in the magazines Import Tuner, Animate! and the swim calendar California’s Glamour Girls. Per her modelmayhem page, she does not do nude work.


Though Joselyn was born in Anaheim, when she was four she moved with her family to Lake Elsinore, Ca.


She got into modeling when she was 17 and did 3 shoots as a hobby. But when she turned 20, she started with more seriousness and is now a paid model.


Joselyn Cano thinks her best physical feature is her eyes. She underwent plastic surgery for her nose, breasts and is rumored to have had butt injections.


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Her worst date, per an interview with, was meeting someone who seemed perfect online, but when she met him in person, he’d photoshopped his picture.


Joselyn is a vegetarian and she stays in shape by eating healthy.


She has three tattoo stars on each foot, but she is getting them removed. She’s had her lips, Monroe, and lip, as well as her nipples pierced, but the nipple piercings were the “most painful piercing” she’s had done. “No more piercings or tattoos; it’s just not for me.”


Joselyn Cano is attracted to guys who are motivated and guys who take care of themselves. Her turn-offs are cheap guys. “Can’t stand them.” And while she’s made out with girls before, she is strictly only into guys.


Her bucket list includes skydiving, going to Egypt, swimming with an orca, and riding the roller coaster Supreme Scream at Knott’s Berry Farm.


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In 2011, she had seven dogs and said she bred animals on the side.


Her music tastes include listening to house, trance and gangster rap. The three things she can’t live without include her make-up, laptop and energy drinks. Her pet peeve is slow drivers. Her hobbies include tanning, shopping, clubbing, going to the beach and riding jet skis.


Joselyn Cano lives in Orange County, California and is currently single.

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Joselyn  Cano photo Model <p>Joselyn Cano is a Hispanic model from Orange County probably best known for her Instagram shots.</p>
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Joselyn Cano D.O.B.1991-03-14 AGE 25 HOMETOWN Anaheim CURRENT TOWN Huntington Beach, CA HEIGHT 5' 4" HAIR COLOR brunette EYE COLOR hazel ETHNICITY Hispanic JOB Model MARITAL STATUS Single RELATED CELEBRITIES /span>
Joselyn Cano photo Joselyn Cano photo