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Born on October 25, 1988, Jodie Holly Gasson is a Page 3 Model for the Daily Star. She began modeling in 2009 and has appeared at Only Tease, Girlfolio and Pinup Wow.

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In an interview with, Jodie Gasson described herself as “small, cute, cuddly, funny” and owns a “massive pair of boobs!” She holds the Guinness World Record for putting on and removing the most amount of bras in one minute.


Jodie enjoys being a glamour model because it’s a “fun job, simple as that. I do feel very lucky to be doing a job I love and have so much fun with – I just hope it lasts a little while longer!”


The highlights of her career include doing a Comic Relief cover shoot with Keith Lemon. “Also, any time I get to travel with my work is amazing. There’s nothing nicer than getting paid to shoot in the lovely sun.”


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Per her stats on, Jodie Gasson’s measurements are 30-25-32 with an F cup, and she weighs 108 lbs.


She has appeared in a variety of lad magazines, including Daily Star, Front, Loaded, Nuts, Zoo UK, Random, Maxim and Fast Car. Jodie Gasson is represented by MODE London.


A few tidbits: “If I could [skydive] topless I would, but health and safety said no.” On tennis, she said, “They need to get some fitter people involved – that would keep everyone watching!”


Regarding men, Jodie Gasson said, “I don’t have an ideal man, but I love geeks. No, really! I’m attracted to boys who make me laugh and can take the mickey out of themselves.” And when trying to talk to her, “Just come up to me and make me laugh. You don’t even have to tell me your name. Tell me a joke or say something funny.” And when it comes to sex, “Be gentle, don’t go straight for the kill, give your girl lots of attention and caress her. Don’t just go for the boobs and ignore everywhere else.”


Jodie Gasson lives in England.

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Jodie  Gasson photo Glamour model <p>Born on October 25, 1988, Jodie Holly Gasson is a Page 3 Model for the Daily Star. She began modeling in 2009 and has appeared at Only Tease, Girlfolio and Pinup Wow.</p>
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Jodie Gasson D.O.B.1988-10-25 AGE 27 HOMETOWN Brighton, England CURRENT TOWN Brighton, England HEIGHT 5' 3" HAIR COLOR blonde EYE COLOR brown ETHNICITY Caucasian JOB Glamour model MARITAL STATUS Single RELATED CELEBRITIES /span>
Jodie Gasson photo Jodie Gasson photo