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Born Jennifer Ackley, Jennifer Pershing is a model probably best known for her appearance as Playboy’s Miss March 2009. Her measurements are 35-27-37.

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Jennifer Pershing was born and raised in a small town outside Atlantic City, but said, “I am nothing like the characters on ‘The Jersey Shore’!” She described herself as a “down to Earth girl who loves going to dive bars in jeans and sneakers, hanging with friends, playing songs on the juke box and sipping on some Jack Daniels.”


She graduated from Mainland Regional High School in New Jersey in 1998. She began modeling in New Jersey, and her face was featured on a billboard in Atlantic City.


Jennifer Pershing met her husband while they worked at the Showboat entertainment department at an Atlantic City casino. “He was a big cat, and I would wear what I guess you would call a ‘sexy clown’ outfit. I would help him walk down the hallway so he didn’t bump into things and the kids wouldn’t beat him up.”


She was discovered by a Playboy scout while dancing at the Key Club in Hollywood. “I was seeing this 80’s cover band and I used to get up and dance.” As for becoming a Playmate, she said, “It was really crazy. It took me two weeks to let it sink in that it was actually happening.”


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She has appeared in “The Girls Next Door” and “The Bunny House.”


Jennifer Pershing enjoys the Dave Matthews Band (and has been to at least 45 shows) and believes in the power of The Secret and the Law of Attraction. She also has 4 tattoos.


Her turn-ons are "bald heads, concerts, motorcycle rides, a nice smile, cologne that smells good – not strong!” Her turn-offs are “when guys huddle in a group to decide which one will approach but no one gets the nerve to.”


Jennifer has a younger sister with autism and would like to raise awareness of the disorder. Jennifer Pershing currently resides in New Jersey.

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Jennifer  Pershing photo Model <p>Born Jennifer Ackley, Jennifer Pershing is a model probably best known for her appearance as Playboy&rsquo;s Miss March 2009. Her measurements are 35-27-37.</p>
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Jennifer Pershing photo Jennifer Pershing photo