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Jennifer Nguyen is a Canadian-born Vietnamese model. She was a Maxim Hometown Hottie and made the Top 100. Her measurements are 34DD-26-36.

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Jennifer Nguyen moved around a lot when she was younger, and she said she was really shy. “Always changing schools can take a [toll] on you and your social life. I never had long [lasting] friends.” Growing up, she was a tomboy and would race boys or arm-wrestle them in class.


Her family owned a restaurant and she worked there after school until the restaurant closed at night. In high school, her family moved once again to Vancouver. After high school graduation, Jennifer set her sights on make-up and enrolled in a make-up school for 10 months.


Jennifer Nguyen landed as a model by accident when a friend asked her to model at an auto show. Without an agency, she worked at car shows in the US and Canada. There was never a moment she knew she wanted to model, she just “went with the flow after the first show…and everything kind of just fell into place.”


She also started her own group of Go-Go dancers in Vancouver called “Deadly Combination.”


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She has since segued into acting, as well. “My personality does not match my looks at all…I may look intimidating but I will probably be the most friendly person you meet.”


Her turn-ons are a great smile and a sense of humor, while her turn-offs are stinky breath and a bad attitude. She thinks her personality and humor differentiate her from other models. “I am a lot more weirder than most models, but it’s all for laughs.”


Jennifer Nguyen’s best modeling secret is “Suck it up and suck it in!” Her biggest flaw is “being way too considerate” and she hates “when people have no consideration for elders and animals.”


Outside of modeling, she likes to cook and draw and she would like to design a bikini line in the future.


Her ideal man is someone considerate who makes her laugh and is adventurous, ambitious, affectionate and understanding. She also thinks she’s good in bed: “I’m a lady on the streets and a freak in the sheets!” and her favorite position is doggy.


Jennifer Nguyen lives in Toronto, Canada and she is single.


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Jennifer  Nguyen photo Model <p>Jennifer Nguyen is a Canadian-born Vietnamese model. She was a Maxim Hometown Hottie and made the Top 100. Her measurements are 34DD-26-36.</p>
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