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Jaslyn Ome is a model best known for being Playboy Playmate Miss April 2013. Her measurements are 32C-25-35.

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Jaslyn Ome is a mix of “East Indian, Black and White" ancestry. She graduated from Oak Ridge High School in 2009 and went on to study communications at Sacramento State College.


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Jaslyn knew from the age of 14 that she wanted to get into modeling. She attended college for two years and had to make a choice between school and modeling; she chose modeling.


She got involved with Playboy when a family friend took her to Playboy Studios. It was there that the head of Playboy Promotions asked if she would be interested in being a Playmate, and the rest is history. She shot her pictorial at Cadillac Jack’s, a diner in Sun Valley, California. Jaslyn said, “It was a little weird. There weren’t many people there, but occasionally parents would walk by with their kids and (the photography team) would cover me up. I just forgot that I was naked after a while.” She added that she was nervous, “because I wanted to do a great job!”


Jaslyn Ome is a self-proclaimed jet-skier, paddle boarder and shark-lover. She said, “I am obsessed with sharks. I love being around the ocean.” She also has a custom-made shark tooth necklace. “I’m also obsessed with seals, slow lories and sloths!” 


Her dream is to own a line of beauty produces and get into acting and hosting.


As for men, she likes “really nice smiles and surfers.” Her turn-ons are “an intelligent man with a great sense of humor and smile.” Her turn-offs are “laziness, liars and cocky pretty boys who spend more time in front of the mirror than I do.”


She doesn’t have any tattoos because “I feel like I’m too indecisive to get a tattoo…I do have a tragus piercing, but that’s about it.”


When asked whom she would like to talk to, given any choice, she said, “I would love to sit down and pick Angelina Jolie’s brain.” And given the choice of superpowers, she’d choose the ability to fly.


Before becoming a Playmate, she appeared in three videos from DeStorm Power. Jaslyn Ome currently resides in Los Angeles, and she is single.

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Jaslyn  Ome photo Model <p>Jaslyn Ome is a model best known for being Playboy Playmate Miss April 2013. Her measurements are 32C-25-35.</p>
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Jaslyn Ome D.O.B.1991-07-21 AGE 25 HOMETOWN Hayward CURRENT TOWN Los Angeles HEIGHT 5' 5" HAIR COLOR brunette EYE COLOR brown ETHNICITY Multi-racial JOB Model MARITAL STATUS Single RELATED CELEBRITIES /span>
Jaslyn Ome photo Jaslyn Ome photo