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Jacinda Barrett is an Australian model-turned-reality-TV-star-turned actress. She came to prominence on “The Real World London,” and has appeared in films such as “Ladder 49” and “Poseidon.” She is set to join the Fox series “The Following.”

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Jacinda Barrett got into modeling after she entered and won the annual Dolly Covergirl contest in Australia in 1988 while still in high school. She began modeling professionally when she was 17.


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She said, “I’ve always acted, and I remember changing high schools to go somewhere that had a good theatre program and loved it…but working as a model was such an intoxicating idea, [and] I decided to go see the world.”


In 1995 Jacinda Barrett landed on MTV’s “The Real World: London.” She later attended the British American Drama Academy in Oxford. She said, “I decided that if I was going to do this acting thing, I better see if I had the wherewithal to stick with it. It’s such a tough profession. So I took the money I had saved from modeling and went to theatre school. And I never took another modeling job after that.”


As for her stint with “Real World,” she said, “It had no correlation with my career…and it honestly never helped me. I had to go and audition for parts like anyone else and win them…if anything it’s more of a hindrance because you have to go and prove that you’re serious about being an actor.”


She made her film debut in 1997 with “Campfire Tales.”


As for her career overall, Jacinda Barrett said, “I know the statistics are so against you as an actor so I’m always surprised that I get to be one of that tiny percentage that gets to work.”


She was once engaged to Chris Hardwick. She later married actor Gabriel Macht, and they have a daughter, Satine Anais Geraldine Macht, born in 2007.


Aside from acting, she likes to skydive. She said, “It gets scarier the more you do it. After a while, you realize you’re flinging yourself out a perfectly good plane for no apparent reason.”


She became a naturalized American citizen in 2009.


Per an interview in screenwize.com, Jacinda Barrett has a pilot’s license and can speak German.

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Jacinda  Barrett photo Actress/model <p>Jacinda Barrett is an Australian model-turned-reality-TV-star-turned actress. She came to prominence on &ldquo;The Real World London,&rdquo; and has appeared in films such as &ldquo;Ladder 49&rdquo; and &ldquo;Poseidon.&rdquo; She is set to join the Fox series &ldquo;The Following.&rdquo;</p>
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Jacinda Barrett D.O.B.1972-08-02 AGE 44 HOMETOWN Brisbane, Australia CURRENT TOWN Los Angeles HEIGHT 5' 10" HAIR COLOR brunette EYE COLOR brown ETHNICITY Caucasian JOB Actress/model MARITAL STATUS Married RELATED CELEBRITIES Chris Hardwick, Gabriel Macht/span>
Jacinda Barrett photo Jacinda Barrett photo