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JT Tinney is a professional American model and national-level bikini competitor. She is known best as one of the final three contestants on 2006's "WWE Diva Search." 

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    Jennifer (JT) Tinney boasts a very small resume, but more than holds her weight in the sexy model department. Born in Glendale, Arizona on May 9, 1983, she started out as a telemarketer, and has held several other odd jobs in occupations such as insurance agent and cocktail waitress in her pursuit of her true passion: modeling. She even currently works as a business development manager at Sun-Brite Fire & Water Restoration while she is not competing in bikini contests. Of course, the only thing more important to her (and maybe why she is still so unfamiliar to most) is family.


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    JT divides her time well between training for bikini competitions and spending time with her husband and two girls. In recent years, she has appeared in photoshoots for such brands as Hawaiian Tropic and Maxim, of which she was even voted a Top 100 Hometown Hottie. She landed her biggest break in modeling when she was cast on the popular professional wrestling program "WWE Diva Search" in 2006, which was a competition show looking for potential WWE Divas. JT managed to finish in the top three.


    Since then, JT has continued to hit her exercise regime with great intensity. She was even featured in an interview with CutandJacked.com in which she gave out pointers to fellow fitness enthusiasts. In the interview, she also expressed how her priorities haven't changed when it comes to what's important in her life: "It's hard enough pushing myself to the limit while I'm in the gym, but when I get home my girls test my limits all over again haha." Clearly, this sexy model knows what's most important to her, while continuing to stay motivated and focused on her modeling aspirations.


    May 9, 1983
    Glendale, Arizona
    Current Town
    Phoenix, AZ
    5' 5"
    Hair Color
    Eye Color
    Facebook page
    Marital Status
    Married to Josh Nasco

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    JT Tinney
    JT  Tinney photo Model

    JT Tinney is a professional American model and national-level bikini competitor. She is known best as one of the final three contestants on 2006's "WWE Diva Search." 

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    JT Tinney D.O.B.1983-05-09 AGE 31 HOMETOWN Glendale CURRENT TOWN Phoenix, AZ HEIGHT 5' 5" HAIR COLOR brunette EYE COLOR brown ETHNICITY Caucasian JOB Model MARITAL STATUS Married to Josh Nasco RELATED CELEBRITIES
    JT  Tinney photo JT  Tinney photo