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Gwyneth Paltrow is an American-born actress/model/singer/author/just about anything else a wealthy person could be. As of April 2013, she is also People Magazine's "Most Beautiful Woman." 

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Gwyneth Kate Paltrow was born on September 27, 1972 in Los Angeles, California to parents Blythe Danner and producer Bruce Paltrow. Seeing as her father was Jewish and her mother was of a Christian faith, she grew up celebrating both religions holidays along with her brother, Jake. At age 11, her family moved to Massachusetts so her father could work on producing summer stock productions in the Berkshires. It was while there that Gwyneth began acting lessons from her parents.


Gwyneth attended the all-girls Spence School in New York City, New York. Upon graduation, she attended the University of California in Santa Barbara, where she majored in Art History. However, this proved not to be her passion, so she quit in favor of acting. Starting out in theater, Gwyneth quickly made her way to the big screen, with her debut in the film "Shout" alongside John Travolta.


She continued landing small roles in the early to mid-'90s in films like "Hook" and "Higher Learning." Then in 1995, while in a relationship with actor Brad Pitt, he chose her to play his wife in the psychological thriller "Se7en." The roles only kept getting bigger and bigger from here until eventually, Gwyneth landed the title role in the movie "Emma" to much acclaim in 1996. She then starred in a string of great movies, culminating in her winning the Academy Award for "Best Actress" for her role as Viola in "Shakespeare in Love."


Gwyneth has since starred in a number of great films from "The Royal Tenenbaums" to the "Iron Man" movies. In her spare time, she has managed to write two cookbooks, "My Father's Daughter: Delicious, Easy Recipes Celebrating Family & Togetherness" and "It's All Good," as well as settle down and start a family. The actress married Coldplay frontman Chris Martin on December 5, 2003. They now have two children together named Apple and Moses. 

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September 27, 1972
Los Angeles, California
Current Town
Los Angeles, CA
5' 9"
Hair Color
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Actress, model, singer, author
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Marital Status
Married to chris martin
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Previously engaged to Brad Pitt, Dated Ben Affleck, Luke Wilson
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Gwyneth  Paltrow photo Actress, Model, Singer, Author <p>Gwyneth Paltrow is an American-born actress/model/singer/author/<wbr />just about anything else a wealthy person could be. As of April 2013, she is also People Magazine&#39;s &quot;Most Beautiful Woman.&quot;<span>&nbsp;</span></p>
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Gwyneth Paltrow D.O.B.1972-09-27 AGE 43 HOMETOWN Los Angeles CURRENT TOWN Los Angeles, CA HEIGHT 5' 9" HAIR COLOR blonde EYE COLOR blue ETHNICITY Caucasian JOB Actress, Model, Singer, Author MARITAL STATUS Married to Chris Martin RELATED CELEBRITIES Previously engaged to Brad Pitt, Dated Ben Affleck, Luke Wilson/span>
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