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Emma Kate Dawson is a profesional British glamour model. She has appeared in such popular men's magazines as Zoo, Nuts, and FHM.

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Emma Kate Dawson was born in Newcastle upon Tyne, England on March 30, 1987. Although she was originally born a blonde, she spends a lot of her time as a brunette, while still busting out her blonde locks every now and again. She's been in the professional modeling business since around 2007. She also does a bit of promotional modeling as well.


Of course, being a model, Emma does her fair share of traveling. While she lives in the UK, she's booked gigs in places such as France, Spain, Ireland, and even here in the good ol' US of A. Her body of work so far is by no means limited. Along with modeling for the standard glamour model men's magazines such as Zoo, Nuts, and Page 3, Emma has done work for companies such as Jaguar, Ajec Racing, and Virgin. That is, of course, only naming off a very select few.


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So what does a successful, professional glamour model like Emma like to do for fun in her free time? Well, for someone as beautiful as her, one might expect her to be high maintenance, but she is actually quite the opposite. Her idea of a good time includes snuggling up on the sofa with some popcorn and watching a movie (she's a sucker for horror flicks), going out to a theme park, and even writing and singing her own songs. Of course, she is always down to go out for a few drinks and socializing as well. When it comes right down to it, this is a model who likes to keep it simple. On top of it all, she's quite funny and a genuine pleasure to be around. 

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Emma Kate
Emma Kate  Dawson photo Model <p>Emma Kate Dawson is a profesional British glamour model. She has appeared in such popular men&#39;s magazines as <i>Zoo</i>, <i>Nuts</i>, and <i>FHM</i>.<span> </span></p>
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Emma Kate Dawson D.O.B.1987-03-30 AGE 29 HOMETOWN Newcastle upon Tyne, England CURRENT TOWN Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire HEIGHT 5' 7" HAIR COLOR blonde EYE COLOR blue ETHNICITY Caucasian JOB Model MARITAL STATUS Single RELATED CELEBRITIES /span>
Emma Kate Dawson photo Emma Kate Dawson photo