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Emilie de Ravin is an Australian actress probably best known for her role as Claire Littleton on “LOST.” She has since landed on the series “Once Upon a Time.” 

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Emilie de Ravin is a mix of French and British ancestry. Her nickname is “Em.”


She grew up in Australia in an exclusive suburb, the youngest of three daughters. She studied ballet since the age of 9 until she was 15. She said, “I didn’t go to a normal high school, I went to to full-time ballet school, so I led very regimented, disciplined years.”


At the age of 15, she was accepted into the elite Australian Ballet School in Melbourne. Emilie, however, quit after her first year. She said, “I went to ballet school in Australia and it was the bitichiest atmosphere.” After ballet, she segued into acting.


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After moving to Los Angeles in 2000, Emilie de Ravin landed the role of Tess Harding on The WB’s “Roswell” within a month. Story goes she hadn’t even found an apartment, yet.


Later on, she rose to stardom on “Lost.” Her role on “Lost” was meant to be a recurring role, but Emilie impressed JJ Abrams so much that he made her a series regular.


Aside from “Lost,” Emilie de Ravin has also appeared in “The Hills Have Eyes,” “Brick” and “Remember Me,” among other projects. As to her role on “Once Upon a Time,” she wasn’t a little girl who loved Disney heroines growing up, but she said, “I’m really happy being one now. Who else gets to dress up in these incredible outfits we have for work?”


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She has landed on Maxim’s Hot 100 list three times. But she’s a normal girl at heart. She said, “I’m a big homebody. I just like hanging out, doing things at home. I like gardening.”


She was married to actor Josh Janowicz. They had been dating since she first arrived in Los Angeles in 2000. However, in 2007, they split after only six months of marriage. But in a twist, they called off their divorce in 2009 and rekindled their relationship, only to face divorce again.


Emilie de Ravin lives in Los Angeles.

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Emilie  de Ravin photo Actress <p>Emilie de Ravin is an Australian actress probably best known for her role as Claire Littleton on &ldquo;LOST.&rdquo; She has since landed on the series &ldquo;Once Upon a Time.&rdquo;&nbsp;</p>
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Emilie de Ravin photo Emilie de Ravin photo