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Dylan Ryder is a retired adult actress. Her birth name is Shannon Lybarger. She has appeared in over 150 scenes. She announced her retirement from the adult business in May 2012.

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Dylan Ryder’s measurements are 36DD-27-35 and her breasts are enhanced. She is sometimes billed as Lanna, Dylan Katz and Dylan Rider. She has been nominated for a variety of AVN Awards, including Best Group Sex, Unsung Starlet of the Year and Unsung Siren, among others.


Dylan Ryder said, “Sometimes I forget that Dylan Ryder, herself, is a character.” She admitted she doesn’t watch a lot of porn. “And when you do, it’s awkward…it’s hard, we are involved in it, and we know the breakdown of things.”


Born in Fresno, she was a competitive swimmer. But once Dylan turned 18, she moved to the Central Coast and took up nursing, and even became a substance abuse treatment counselor. But after seeing a Penthouse magazine, Dylan was drawn to the models. In 2005, at the age of 23, she became an adult actress.


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Her first shoot was for Reality Kings. But Dylan Ryder took a break and became a correctional officer in Arizona. A fellow officer said she was “too pretty to work there.” When she threatened to sue, they offered her job back. When she went back, everyone knew about her porn past and it made life uncomfortable. “I gained a lot of weight as a corrections officer.” She added, “It’s an easy job to an extent and you see all the stuff you’d see on ‘Lock Up.’” She added, “I’ll just go back to being judged for being a whore on camera. And [porn] is fun. And it’s empowering.” She missed her family, however, and moved back to California, got breast surgery and got back in the adult game.


Aside from modeling, Dylan Ryder likes traveling, going to the beach, swimming, reading true crime and going to Disneyland.


Dylan Ryder said, “I am very sexual and love knowing that people enjoy watching me. I think the sexiest thing about me is my eyes! I love being a sexual person! I love to embrace the moment and enjoy the feeling and rush of being on camera.”


She has a Twitter account, but her tweets are protected.


Dylan Ryder lives in Southern California.

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Dylan  Ryder photo Adult actress <p>Dylan Ryder is a retired adult actress. Her birth name is Shannon Lybarger. She has appeared in over 150 scenes. She announced her retirement from the adult business in May 2012.</p>
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