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Born on August 10, 1982 in New York City, Devon Edwenna Aoki is an actress and model probably most well known for her role in “2 Fast 2 Furious.”

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Though born in New York, she grew up in London and Malibu. Her mother is a jewelry designer and painter with German and English ancestry, while her father is a former Japanese wrestler, and the founder of the Benihana restaurant chain. She can speak a little Japanese, but “I never lived with my father until last year and my mother does not exactly speak Japanese! I took French in school.”


Devon never actively pursued modeling: “I didn’t plan on being a model, because at the time I was in school, I was 14 years old and in school, and you don’t think of anything other than academics at that age.”


Her measurements are 33-23-33. Devon Aoki has modeled for a variety of houses including Chanel and Versace. She has done campaigns for many more, including Hugo Boss, Ungaro and Fendi. She has also been the face of Lancôme cosmetics. At 16, she became the face of Versace, replacing Naomi Campbell.


Devon Aoki has appeared in “2 Fast 2 Furious,” “D.E.B.S.,” “Sin City” and “Dead or Alive,” among others. She didn’t have a driver’s license when she got the “2 Fast 2 Furious” gig and had to learn on set.


Devon Aoki said, “I was never one of those people who know what they want to do from day one; I was always confused…there’s no blueprint of how I want things to go.”


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Aside from modeling and acting, Devon Aoki likes writing poetry and playing the drums. When asked about the Iraqi War, she said, “I’m a peaceful person, and war isn’t the answer.” She added, “People don’t always take the time to learn about what’s going on, but I want to know what’s happening. I don’t want to be happy in my ignorance and accept that other people are making all the decisions.”


In regards to the fan who tattooed her face on his arm, she said, “I happen to think that someone inking my face onto his body is the highest form of flattery.”


She has been romantically linked to Joseph Gordon-Levitt and is engaged to James Bailey. She gave birth to a son, Hunter, in 2011. When it came to dating, Devon said, “I used to think there was a list of things I’d need in a boyfriend, but the truth is, I just want to be comfortable and trust the person.”


Devon Aoki lives in Los Angeles.


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Devon  Aoki photo Model/actress <p>Born on August 10, 1982 in New York City, Devon Edwenna Aoki is an actress and model probably most well known for her role in &ldquo;2 Fast 2 Furious.&rdquo;</p>
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