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Danielle Sullivan is a glamour model from Texas.

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Danielle Sullivan is a mix of German, Irish, Native American and Czech heritage. After she graduated from high school, she worked in the nightclub industry in management and promotions, and then started her own company hosting events. “I also did music and recorded quite a bit before getting into modeling when I was 19.”


She said she got into modeling, “because I was working on my album and when I did a shoot for one of my singles it started a lot of buzz and I started getting modeling offers and then my focus somehow got shifted from music to modeling.” Modeling, she added, came natural to her. “I feel comfortable in front of the camera.”


As to her body, she’s pretty comfortable. “I have problem areas and insecurities like anyone else, but I am learning to embrace my flaws.” She thinks her eyes are her best feature.


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Danielle Sullivan thinks she’s different from other models because “I just try to stay true to me, I don’t act like a diva when I’m at a shoot or treat people like they are below me. It’s important to me to stay the same girl I have always been.”


Her measurements are 32-25-30 with a D cup, and she weighs 115 lbs.


Danielle Sullivan described herself on Twitter as “Internationally published model, mommy, business woman, vocalist and aspiring author.”


She has worked for (or has had affiliations with) Playboy, Tip Out Magazine, Virile Magazine, Maverick Magazine and Maxim.com, among others.


She said of herself on Modelmayhem.com, “I am really random and goofy but I’m a hard worker and I also give a hundred percent to everything I do.”


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When not modeling, Danielle Sullivan said she is with her two kids “and a great man in my life.” In five years, she hopes to be married with another child, and a book on the bestseller list.


If she could play the lead role in any type of movie, she’d choose an action film. “I want to do my own stunts!” She added the worst pick-up line she heard was “If you were a booger, I’d pick you!”


Her dating rules are “Manners! Manners are a huge deal with me!” (modelbee.com). But if guys are cocky and rude, it bugs her. “It makes them so ugly to me.” The best way to land her is “be a gentleman. I am a southern girl and I believe in manners and respect.”


Danielle Sullivan lives in Houston, Texas.

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Danielle  Sullivan photo Glamour model <p>Danielle Sullivan is a glamour model from Texas.</p>
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