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Daisy Marie (born Brittania Ochoa) is an adult actress. She is sometimes billed as Maria, Brittania, Daisy Tattoo and Daisy. She has been nominated for a variety of AVN Awards and her measurements are 32D-22-34.

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Daisy Marie is a mix of Filipino and Mexican descent. Though born in Glendale, California, she was raised in Salem, Oregon and spent time with her family in Zacatecas, Mexico. Her family is Catholic. Growing up, she was a tomboy. “I was never a little cutie chick at school or anything. I was always into what the boys were into.”


Daisy Marie lost her virginity when she was 15, though “I was with a girl before I ever had sex with a man.” She started her career initially as a bikini model.


She began her career in porn in 2002, one day after she turned 18. She has since appeared in over 300 adult films (including titles such as “Driving Ms. Daisy”) and has appeared in adult magazines including Cheri and Penthouse.


She said, “I have always wanted to be a model. I am also the type that likes the attention…and in my personal life I am also very, very sexually active. I just have to have it. So I kind of just fit right into.” Her favorite positions are doggie or missionary. Her favorite features on herself are her eyebrows and her eyes.


Daisy Marie said, “The best thing about working in the adult entertainment is that I get to be open about my sexuality. I really like knowing that people get off watching me! I like doing videos too because that’s where my personality really comes through.”


She said she used to be against breast implants. “I was always like ‘I’m never going to get my boobs done.' But I went and I got my boobs done, just because. And now I really don’t mind a girl with fake boobs."


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Daisy Marie has a large tattoo of a cherub covering her back. “I mean I love angels. My whole apartment is full of angels…they are like my guardian angels…That tattoo…stands for my guardian angel. No matter where I go I have him watching over me.” Her other tattoos include “Caution, Slippery When Wet” on her pubes. Her mother’s name “Linda” is tattooed on her ankle. She also has her tongue, both nostrils, navel and nipples pierced, as well as a right Monroe.


A bit of trivia: she is a die-hard Lakers fan. She described happiness as “contentment." And the five words she would describe herself were “outgoing, laid back, very friendly. I am very helpful. I am a very giving person.” Daisy Marie resides in Los Angeles.

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Daisy  Marie photo Adult actress/model <p>Daisy Marie (born Brittania Ochoa) is an adult actress. She is sometimes billed as Maria, Brittania, Daisy Tattoo and Daisy. She has been nominated for a variety of AVN Awards and her measurements are 32D-22-34.</p>
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