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Cristina Del Basso is an Italian model probably most known for her appearances on the Italian version of "Big Brother." Her measurements are 40E-20-36.

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Cristina Del Basso also appeared in Italian Playboy in April 2012. Her nickname is Nina.


She rose to prominence after appearing on the Italian version of “Big Brother 9.” In the finale, she landed in 3rd place. She also appeared on Italy’s showgirl contest Veline for a chance to land on the program “Striscia la Notizia,” and placed in the semi-finals.


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After “Big Brother,” Cristina Del Basso appeared on a variety of Italian television shows and did a calendar. She was also the girlfriend of rich Italian entrepreneur Fabrizio Politi. It was rumored that she was one of Tiger Woods’ mistresses. She said, “When being intimate, I call my Fabrizio ‘Napoleon,’ because he’s not very tall, but he’s very strong and takes initiative and like Napoleon, he knows how to win a war.”


She came back in 2012 for Italy's “Big Brother 12.” Coming back to the house, she said she had matured. “I’ve had many beautiful experiences, but also bad…at one point I found myself as a chick in a forest full of hungry wolves.”


When she was 18, Cristina Del Basso underwent plastic surgery to increase her bust size from a D to an F. She said, “I love my breasts, and I love showing them off. I can’t do anything about it.” She said in an interview that she would consider reducing them in the future.


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She enjoys reading in order to “raise above mediocrity.”  The book under her pillow is “The Portrait of Dorian Gray.”


As for dating, she said, “He has to be at least ten years older than me. He should be a man of principles, have values and know how to guide me.” She also doesn’t think a man and a woman can just be friends, and that men always have an ulterior motive.


Aside from modeling, she has studied communications at The University of Pavia. Cristina Del Basso resides in Italy.

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Cristina  Del Basso photo Model <p>Cristina Del Basso is an Italian model probably most known for her appearances on the Italian version of &quot;Big Brother.&quot; Her measurements are 40E-20-36.</p>
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Cristina Del Basso photo Cristina Del Basso photo