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Ciara Price is a two-time cover girl for Playboy and Miss November 2011.

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Ciara Price’s measurements are 32C-25-35. She said, “I’m just a girl that came from a small town in rural Maine and now I’m living in L.A. signing autographs. I’m like, ‘Really? You want my autograph?’”


She told Playboy “ever since seventh grade I’ve been a closet nerd who took apart computers and put them back together again.” She was the only girl in her computer class. When she wasn’t in class, she was in dance class. With her interest in all things digital, she goes through two or three cell phones a year.


Ciara Price got into modeling after a family photographer friend suggested it to her. When she said yes, things happened quickly and she found herself in L.A. for a test shoot. The rest is history.


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Her ambitions are to start her own photography business “and become a permanent part of Playboy Enterprises.” She said her favorite asset on her body are her breasts and “the freckle on my lip, ‘cause no one has a freckle on their lip.”


Ciara has a one-two-three system. “One” is a guy or girl you hang out with; a “two” is someone you have sex with but never bring out in public, and a “three” is your friends-with-benefits, a situation with no-strings-attached.


Her turn-ons include (quite specifially) guys who kiss great and have toned backs, blue eyes and a little scruffy facial hair.


Her turn-offs include “sloppy boozehound slackers who don’t make the effort to step up to the plate – get off your mama’s couch now!”


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Ciara Price also likes intense contact sports like hockey and WWE. She was rumored to have dated NHL star Tyler Seguin in 2012 and Australian player Mitchell Pearce.


Ciara Price currently resides in Los Angeles.

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Ciara  Price photo Playboy Playmate/model <p>Ciara Price is a two-time cover girl for Playboy and Miss November 2011.</p>
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Ciara Price photo Ciara Price photo