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Carol Seleme aka Carole Seleme Daniel is a Brazilian model and artist. Her measurements are 35-24-38, and she has been featured in Smooth, Lowrider and Mixed magazines, among others.

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Carol Seleme is a mix of Brazilian, Lebanese and Italian ancestry. She was born and raised in Brazil “in a farm” and she was home-schooled until she was 12. Her first job was milking cows at her family’s farm. She got her start modeling when she was 15. “I modeled for the cover of an ice-skating magazine…and got paid $1,000. That’s the same amount I got when I won an ice-skating competition, but for the competition I practiced for three months, for the cover shot I posed for three minutes. I decided modeling was more sustainable.”


When Carol Seleme was 18, she moved to Los Angeles. She said she came to America for school, for fine art, and she plans to move back to Brazil or go to Italy. She earned a Bachelors of Fine Arts at Otis College of Art & Design.


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As far as L.A., she said she went clubbing. “I like to go clubbing. I used to go to raves in Brazil.”


Carol Seleme has appeared in a variety of music videos, including those for Pitbull and Rick Ross. Per her modelmayhem site, she does not pose nude, but she will shoot implied poses. She will also not shoot poses that promote violence or with guns.


Her taste in men is “exotic looking guys with tattoos and a rough beard.” She was quoted, “I have handcuffs. But not the furry kind. I like to feel the cold metal against my skin.” Carol Seleme's biggest flaw is that she wishes she were less lazy. Her favorite body part is her face, though it’s her butt that gets complimented the most. Her beauty secret is to take “birth control and don’t have as many periods, this way your skin will be clear and you won’t be bloated for shoots once a month.” Her hidden talent is that she can lick her elbow.


Carol Seleme admitted she has breast implants. “I feel that it’s wonderful that they have that option, but a lot of models exaggerate on size and become un-proportional which is visually uncomforting.” She wishes that curvier models should be doing high fashion.


As for modeling, Carol Seleme said, “sometimes I feel objectified but I don’t model full time so I use my mind a lot, not only my body.” She added, “Pretty people have it easier, but smart people have it easiest.”


Aside from art, Carol Seleme's hobbies are painting, modeling and traveling.

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Carol  Seleme photo Model <p>Carol Seleme aka Carole Seleme Daniel&nbsp;is a Brazilian model and artist. Her measurements are 35-24-38, and she&nbsp;has been featured in <em>Smooth</em>, <em>Lowrider</em> and <em>Mixed</em> magazines, among others.</p>
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