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Carmen Ortega is a model who has been featured in FHM, Maxim (as Hometown Hottie) and Sun Magazine, as well as music videos. 

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Carmen Ortega also has her own music singles “Satisfaction” and “Party Life.” If that wasn’t enough, she’s on the verge of launching her own line of lingerie “Bella Carmen Lingerie.”


Born in Chicago, she is of Ecuadorian ancestry.


Carmen Ortega came to prominence in August 2009 when she claimed she had an affair with football player Reggie Bush while he was still dating Kim Kardashian. Carmen confirmed the existence of a sex tape with her and Reggie and teased that it was a threesome.


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Ortega said on New York radio, “Me and Reggie were friends that became more…during Kim…but now me and Reggie do not communicate…I don’t want it.”


Carmen said once Kim found out about the affair that Kim “ran to the Internet to throw me under the bus. When this happened, Reggie and I went our separate ways." Reggie and the New Orleans Saints went on to win SuperBowl 2010.


Carmen's measurements are 33D-25-33 and she reportedly weighs 115 pounds.


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She said, “People use to always ask me, ‘Are you a model?’ And I would reply, ‘No, not really.’ So then I started entering random contest and I mostly always won.”


She appeared on the cover of Black Men’s Magazine in November 2009.


Carmen Ortega resides in Los Angeles and is pursuing opportunities in entertainment.

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Carmen  Ortega photo Model <p>Carmen Ortega is a model who has been featured in FHM, Maxim (as Hometown Hottie) and Sun Magazine, as well as music videos.&nbsp;</p>
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Carmen Ortega D.O.B.1984-01-30 AGE 32 HOMETOWN Chicago CURRENT TOWN Los Angeles HEIGHT 5' 2" HAIR COLOR brunette EYE COLOR green ETHNICITY Hispanic JOB Model MARITAL STATUS Single RELATED CELEBRITIES Reggie Bush/span>
Carmen Ortega photo Carmen Ortega photo