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Candice Cassidy is a model probably best known for her appearance as Playboy’s Miss June 2009, as well as Cyber Girl November 2006.

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Candice Cassidy's measurements are 34C-24-36. Apparently, Hugh Hefner himself designed her Playboy photoshoot, his first in over 10 years. Holly Madison susbesequently directed it.


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Candice Cassidy hasn't been in the public eye much since her Playboy shoot, nor has she been active on social media. Fans hope that will change.


In an interview from 2009, Candice Cassidy's dream was to get a PhD while owning her own dance studio. She lives on her family’s 60-acre homestead, where her mother breeds Tennessee walking horses. Growing up, Candice tended the stalls and rode often.


She likes romantic men, candlelight dinners and lovers who sing to her. In 2009, it was reported she broke up with a guy she’d been dating since she was 14. She said, “I have a weakness for bad boys with beautiful eyes.” 


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Her ambitions were to become a successful Playmate, be in music videos and finish her master’s degree. Her turn-ons are a “guy who is ambitious, honest and romantic and who makes me laugh.” Her turnoffs are “arrogance, negativity, selfishness, obnoxious guys and tighty whities.”


And she said the best way to blow off steam was by dancing and shopping.


It is unknown if Candice still models or not. We imagine the men of Ohio are lucky to have her as their neighbor.

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Candice  Cassidy photo Model <p>Candice Cassidy is a model probably best known for her appearance as Playboy&rsquo;s Miss June 2009, as well as Cyber Girl November 2006.</p>
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Candice Cassidy photo Candice Cassidy photo