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Bianca Stephanie Beauchamp is a Canadian adult model, probably best known for her latex fetish shoots.

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Her measurements are 32FF-25-35. She is a mix of French Canadian and Italian ancestry.


When she was 15, she had her first sexual experience with a guy and a girl. She realized she was bisexual. After graduating high school, she began the process of becoming a high-school French teacher and enrolled at the University of Quebec.


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She met aspiring photographer Martin Perreault and he convinced her to become his muse. At 18, she brought her first latex dress. The duo later founded the website Latex Lair. The university discovered her website and threatened that if remained “live,” she wouldn’t get teaching internships. “At the time, it was a nightmare – I never pictured myself doing anything else other than teaching. Modeling was a sideline, but it grew into a real passion, and so I chose it over teaching.”


Bianca left teaching behind and became a model, appearing later in Bizarre, Heavy Rubber, Nightlife, Playboy and a host of other magazines.


When she decided to become a model, Bianca lost weight, only to see her breasts sag. She got breast implants, going from a C to a D, then later DD, and then a third time going to FF.


As to playing characters, Bianca Beauchamp said, “Oh, I just love playing characters! Every one of them makes me express a various range of emotions and lets me share it to the camera and my fans.” She adds, however, that she likes latex as a subculture. “Mainstreaming latex would make it lose its originality. I mean, a pair of jeans can be very sexy but it’s still casual wear. I don’t want latex to become casual.”


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In 2006, she released a book “Bianca Beauchamp – Fetish Sex Symbol.” “It’s almost like a bio of me and my career. It took a year to put the book together.” In 2007, she released a documentary “Bianca Beauchamp: All Access.”


In 2008, Bianca Beauchamp ranked No. 31 in Askmen’s Top 99 Most Desirable Women.


Bianca Beauchamp shared that she be insecure. “That leads me to become a control freak. I know people usually wonder how I can be insecure and pose at the same time in crazy latex outfits or even nude. But it’s true.”


Her most attractive physical attribute, she said, are her eyes. “I think eyes are so important in expressing yourself, especially when you’re a model…I’d like to think people look in my eyes first, then discover the rest.”


Though she isn’t married, Marin Perreault is her partner.

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Bianca  Beauchamp photo Model <p>Bianca Stephanie Beauchamp is a Canadian adult model, probably best known for her latex fetish shoots.</p>
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