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Bella French is a webcam model from Canada.

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Her measurements are 34G-24-38 and she has appeared in Score magazine. She wrote, “Think of me as your perfect Barbie Doll…with a naughty edge that the camera loves.” As for her big boobs, she thinks they give her a “great silhouette.”


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Bella French was born into a middle class family and was the middle child of three. She wrote, “My parents had us at a very young age and they didn’t have a lot of money. I never missed a meal and we had all the essentials but nothing more.”


As a child, her dream was to be a soldier. She said, “There was no authority and direction in my household. My big brother was extremely abusive verbally and physically, I think I was craving authority and respect.”


Bella French got involved in sports to avoid the drama at home. She played soccer and basketball and attended ballet class. When she was ten, she wanted to be a model and a fashion designer. She did, however, attend an elite private high school. “I always felt like the poor kid that had no money.” She got kicked out of school because of her attitude and then attended one of the most dangerous schools in Montreal.


Her best sexual memory is the first time she had an orgasm with her first boyfriend. “I was 15, I didn’t understand what was going on, but…the feeling was amazing. Since that moment, I have been wanting it every day.”


Bella French later attended The LaSalle College in fashion design and then sold her first clothing collection. She then opened a store, but it was destroyed from water infiltration, and she had no insurance. “I was so devastated…I lost everything I had worked insanely hard for but most of all, my dreams for the future.”


In order to survive, Bella French became a stripper and an elite escort. “It was so dangerous, I knew I had to find something else and then I discovered webcam.” She started webcam in November 2011. “I had no experience at all and completely fell in love with it…when I’m live on webcam boys tell me how beautiful and exceptional I am. It’s the most amazing feeling. I’ve never been this happy and even though I still have a lot of debits, I love my life and would not change a thing.”


As for dating, Bella French is attracted to brains. “The smarter you are, the more attractive you will be for me. I love an open-minded man that is not afraid of changes.”


Per her model mayhem site, Bella French is now living in Los Angeles.

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Bella French
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Bella French is a webcam model from Canada.

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Bella French D.O.B.1987-10-11 AGE 27 HOMETOWN Montreal CURRENT TOWN Los Angeles HEIGHT 5' 8" HAIR COLOR blonde EYE COLOR hazel ETHNICITY Caucasian JOB Model MARITAL STATUS Single RELATED CELEBRITIES
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