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Ashley Vee is an American glamour model and former Go Go dancer. She is of Filipino descent and has appeared in Import Tuner, among other outlets. Her measurements are 32C-26-24.

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Her nicknames are Kitty, Kitts, and Ley.


As a child, Ashley Vee described herself as a “geek who made honor roll and perfect attendance yearly. Then I became a trouble-maker when teachers would always send me straight to the principal’s office for what I was wearing and call my parents.”


She said she would love to move to Los Angeles, but she is close to her family and doesn’t want to leave them. She described herself in three words as down-to earth, loyal and feisty.


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Ashley Vee got into modeling after a friend introduced her to the club scene and she was featured as a go go dancer. Her favorite body part on herself is her lips.


As for her bedroom skills, she said she doesn’t kiss and tell. She said her hidden talents are “hidden for a reason.”


A bit of trivia: if she could have a superpower, she would choose invisibility. Her worst habit is sleeping with the lights on. She said the hardest thing about being a model is “putting up with fake models!” Her guilty pleasure is revenge. She said one of her special skills is playing the piano and all types of dance. Her dream car is a black Maserati with pink rims. 


Ashley Vee looks for guys who are smart and humorous. “The funny one always wins my heart. I love to laugh.” Her biggest turn-off is when “I hear a guy say ‘YOLO’ way too much.” She recounted that her worst date was a guy “who couldn’t even pay for my 99-cent tacos at Jack in the Box! Cheap-o.”


She has always wanted to live in Sleeping Beauty’s Castle at Disneyland. Ashley Vee currently resides in Vallejo, California and is pursuing her modeling career.

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Ashley  Vee photo Model <p>Ashley Vee is an American&nbsp;glamour model and former Go Go dancer. She is of Filipino descent and has appeared in <em>Import Tuner</em>, among other outlets. Her measurements are 32C-26-24.</p>
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Ashley Vee D.O.B.1987-01-12 AGE 29 HOMETOWN San Francisco CURRENT TOWN Vallejo HEIGHT 5' 2" HAIR COLOR darkhaired EYE COLOR brown ETHNICITY Asian JOB Model MARITAL STATUS Single RELATED CELEBRITIES /span>
Ashley Vee photo Ashley Vee photo