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Anna Ragsdale Camp is an American actress probably best known for her role on “True Blood.” She is set to appear on TBS’s new sitcom “Ground Floor.”

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Anna Camp described herself on Twitter as “Actress, rapper, macaroon lover.” She began acting in second grade when she was cast as a drug dealer in a Drug Abuse Resistance Education production. She later received a BFA from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. After graduation, she moved to New York to pursue a career in acting.


In New York, she landed bit parts and appeared in Off-Broadway plays. She appeared with Tony Shalhoub in the play The Scene as a sexually liberated girl. She later landed opposite Daniel Radcliffe in the play Equus, which featured full-frontal nudity – of both him and her. She said, “It’s very scary that everyone who sees the show will see me naked.” She added, “My poor parents, though. They’ve seen me do crazy things. I thank them so much for putting up with me.”


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Aside from her TV roles, which include “Mad Men,” “The Good Wife” and “The Mindy Project,” among others, she appeared in the band Train’s music video for the song “Marry Me.”


Anna Camp is most known for her role as Sarah Newlin on “True Blood.” She said, “Sarah Newlin is one of my favorite characters that I’ve ever played in my whole life! I just love her so much. I just think she’s so crazy, and so funny.” As for her murder scenes on the show, Anna said, “You first think ‘this is going to be fun.’ But you get there and you’re doing it over and over and over…I was getting a little nauseous at times.”


In regards to singing in general, Anna said, “I used to watch a lot of Judy Garland films and musicals growing up, but then it reached a point when those just weren’t cool anymore. Suddenly it’s all back.” She added it’s hard to watch herself on screen. “It’s like, ‘Oh man, that looks totally different from what I thought I was doing.’ The first time I watched ‘Pitch Perfect’ I had to do it with hands over my eyes.”


Anna Camp recently turned 30 and said, “It was an emotional party for me….I felt like I was closing a chapter and opening a new one and I was definitely scared.” She resides in Los Angeles.

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Anna  Camp photo Actress <p>Anna Ragsdale Camp is an American actress probably best known for her role on &ldquo;True Blood.&rdquo; She is set to appear on TBS&rsquo;s new sitcom &ldquo;Ground Floor.&rdquo;</p>
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