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Angela Kay “Angie” Everhart is an American actress and former model probably most famous for her appearances in Sports Illustrated and Playboy.

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Angie Everhart began modeling when she was 14 and supported herself as a catwalk model in Paris by the time she was 16. It was Angie’s mother who took Angie’s picture to a local modeling agency. Angie admits, however, “I had no idea that I was going to get as lucky as I did.”


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Angie said she knew when she was 10 that she wanted to leave Ohio. “Other kids were listening to Huey Lewis, and I just…wanted to be where Huey was.”


She also said, “I’ve always been a man’s woman. I grew up with four brothers. I know how to handle a man.”


Aside from modeling, she has appeared in a variety of movies, including “Bordello of Blood,” “Take Me Home Tonight” and “Wicked Minds,” among others.


In 2013, she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and had her thyroid removed. She later received word from her doctor that she was cancer-free.


Angie has a child, Kayden Bobby Everhart, supposedly from her relationship with her ex, Chad Stansbury. (He was arrested and accused of domestic violence in 2008; Angie has refused to reveal the father's name publically as he is not in the limelight.) She dated Joe Pesci from 2007-2008.


She has been linked romantically with Sylvester Stallone, Kevin Costner, Howard Stern and even Prince Andrew. She said, “Just because I’ve gone to dinner with people doesn’t mean I was going to be with them. I’ve had fun, let’s leave it at that, shall we?”


Angie Everhart likes men who have a sense of humor and confidence. Though “I prefer the intellect and charm. Good looks only take you so far. You do not have to be the best-looking guy.”


Her favorite role is being a mom. It's "the best thing I have ever done, hands down. Climbing mountains, making movies, meeting princes – who cares? Kayden is the coolest little kid!”


She said about her misconception: “The thing I hear most often is ‘I can’t believe how down to Earth you are! I thought you were going to be a total brat!’ I think that is because I have a bad girl look about me but that doesn’t mean I am a bad girl!”


She said if she had a dollar for every time someone asked her if her hair color was natural she would be very rich.


Angie Everhart resides in Los Angeles, and is currently single.

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Angie  Everhart photo Actress/model <p>Angela Kay &ldquo;Angie&rdquo; Everhart is an American actress and former model probably most famous for her appearances in <em>Sports Illustrated</em> and <em>Playboy</em>.</p>
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