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Angela White is an Australian adult model and actress with all-natural 32GG breasts. 

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Angela White was Score Magazine’s Hardcore Performer of the Year 2011 and Voluptuous Model of the Year 2007. She uses her real name. “It was a deliberate political move. I wanted the world to know that I was happy and proud to share my sexuality.”


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Angela White was born in Sydney and said she came from “a loving family.” Her mother was a photographer, her father a carpenter. She lost her virginity at 14. “It was with a long term boyfriend. By long term, I mean we had been dating 2 months. I was in love.” She added, “Once I had my first experience out of the way, I felt like I was finally free to explore.” She estimates she probably slept with 30 guys before she got into porn.  


Angela White added, “For some reason, people can’t imagine that somebody would just want to have sex on camera, and that would be an exciting, enjoyable way to make a living.”


She said, “I was fascinated by sex and sexuality as a teenager and wanted to get into porn by the age of 14. I was already a DD cup, which seemed to happen overnight. I’d cried about my flat chest and Mum would say, ‘Don’t worry, you’re going to catch up to the other girls.’ It was like they blossomed overnight.”


In high school, Anglea White worked part time at Burger King and David Jones. She felt she had been “slut shamed and the adult industry seemed like a space in which my sexuality would finally be celebrated.” She got into the porn biz when she was 18 and still in school. She told her mom, “I’m doing porn – there’s nothing you can say to make me not want to do this. This is my passion.”


Her first time in front of the camera, she said, “I felt respected for my sexuality and validated. It was a major boost to my body image.” She identifies as bisexual.


In 2007, Angela White enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne and studied gender studies. In 2010, she graduated with first-class honors. She may even go back to school to earn her PhD.


She dates both men and women, and dates mainly out of the industry. She wrote on her website: "Sexuality is a powerful force in my life. I never feel more alive, or more vulnerable, than when I am being overwhelmed by my senses in sexual abandon." Angela White is currently single and resides in Melbourne, Australia.

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Angela  White photo Adult model/actress <p>Angela White is an Australian adult model and actress with all-natural 32GG breasts.&nbsp;</p>
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