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Amia Miley is a former adult actress and model known for her innocent smile and sweet voice and has accrued over 60 performing credits in less than two years. She also ranked #44 on Complex magazine’s list of 100 Hottest Porn Stars.

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Her birth name is Amia Moretti. She changed her name because someone else had already purchased the domain name for She has said, “Never look down on people unless you are getting a bl*w job.”


Her measurements are 30-22-35 with a B cup. She is sometimes billed as Abbey, Amia, Amia Moretti, Amea, Moretti and Ileana. She is a mix of Hawaiian and Italian ancestry.


Amia debuted in the adult industry when she was 18, in 2009, for the amateur website Before that, she worked as a model for swimwear catalogs, fashion shows, and was also a cheerleader. She also worked for a marketing firm since she was 15.


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Amia Miley decided on working in porn after watching Digital Playground’s “Pirates.” Amia said her parents were supportive and her mom “even accompanied her for her first trip to the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas.” Growing up, she said she was “actually quite a prude and innocent little girl.” She added, in regards to the men at conventions, “I look around and think. I wonder which one of you jerks off to me.”


In high school, Amia Miley dated a lot of guys and “I kissed everybody. But I wasn’t having sex…I was a cheerleader, but I wasn’t the stereotypical stuck up cheerleader at all. I was really good at math and science. I was kind of nerdy.” She added, “I don’t really party, or drink or do drugs or anything. So I’m not really into the drama.”


Amia Miley wrote on her blog, “Failure is not and will not ever be in my vocabulary. Some people come from nothing and that’s what they chose to be for the rest of their lives. But me? I chose to not stop until I have everything. And I will destroy any obstacle that comes in my way.”


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Amia was nominated for a variety of pornographic awards, including Best New Starlet and Best Tease Performance. Her credits include movies such as “Keeping It Up for the KardASSians 2,” “Sex Dolls,” and “Couples Seeking Teens 6,” among many others.


Though she once said she’d never get breast implants because “I’m very scared of the surgery thing. Sometimes people do it and their boobs don’t look good.” Even so, her breasts were augmented from a B to a D in July 2010.


In 2013, Amia Miley launched a used panty store called “Amia’s Secret.” In 2012, she was engaged to Jersey Shore cast member Jonny “The Unit” Manfre.

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Amia  Miley photo Adult actress/model <p>Amia Miley is a former adult actress and model known for her innocent smile and sweet voice and has accrued over 60 performing credits in less than two years.&nbsp;She also ranked #44 on Complex magazine&rsquo;s list of 100 Hottest Porn Stars.</p>
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