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Amelia Talon is a model probably best known for being Playboy’s Playmate of the Month Miss June 2012. Her measurements are 34D-24-36.

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Amelia Talon described herself on Twitter as “Miss June 2012 Playmate, Gamer, Uber-Nerd, Cover Girl. For the Horde!”


She landed in Playboy after testing with the magazine, and then appearing in several of the brand’s Special Editions. She thinks her best asset is “my down to earth, amiable personality. I don’t think you’ll meet the nicest and humble person other than me.”


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Amelia is a self-professed “gaming-geekette,” and even has a Pokémon Poke Ball tattoo on the nape of her neck. Her favorite video games are World of Warcraft and Call of Duty. “I love being able to escape to a reality where I have powers and I am out to save the world from evil. Nerd Power!”


Growing up, she thought she wasn’t sexy. “I was the artsy Goth girl in the corner. But now look at me: I’m a successful model and Playmate. I feel like the ugly duckling who has turned into a swan.” She got into modeling because she was “an artistic person since I could even hold a crayon so I saw modeling as another form of artistic expression. Plus, my mom and many others had faith that I’d be a supermodel especially since I was so much taller than my classmates.”


Amelia Talon loves stepping out the box and “being able to portray different characters and most of all getting dressed up. I love Halloween and this career is Halloween everyday for me.” Her ambitions are to keep “taking awesome pictures and become a spokesmodel.”


Her turn-ons are “really funny guys who can lie back with me and savor life. I need someone I can share a laugh with.” Her turn-offs are “someone who is self-involved and a negative nancy.” She said the worst part of modeling is “the annoying widespread belief that ‘modeling is standing there looking pretty.' They don’t really know how much I bust my butt for this!”


Her motto for life is “Don’t forget to live. We are stuck on paying so much attention to bills or work or anything that otherwise takes you away from the ultimate beauty, life. You only get one shot so tear it up!”


If she weren’t a model, she’d try to get into the gaming industry full time. Amelia Talon resides in Seattle, Washington.

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Amelia  Talon photo Model <p>Amelia Talon is a model probably best known for being Playboy&rsquo;s Playmate of the Month Miss June 2012. Her measurements are 34D-24-36.</p>
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Amelia Talon photo Amelia Talon photo