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Agnes Bruckner is an American actress who has worked steadily on a number of projects, including “24” and “Private Practice,” but her star may rise even more with her portrayal of Anna Nicole Smith in the bio-pic “The Anna Nicole Story.”

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Agnes Bruckner is a mix of Russian, German and Hungarian ancestry and she can speak Russian, English and Hungarian fluently. Her parents came to the United States as refugees about a year before Agnes was born and they ended up in Los Angeles because her mother wanted to move “wherever Disneyland is” (


Agnes worked as a child model and then took up acting. At the age of 11, she landed a regular role on the daytime soap “The Bold and the Beautiful.” She said later, “It was a really good experience, and I learned everything I needed to, but it wasn’t my cup of tea.”


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Other roles followed, including parts in “The Shrunken City,” “Cover Affairs,” “The Woods” and “Murder By Numbers,” among many others. Agnes said of her experience working on thrillers, “People always think it’s easy to run around with fake blood all over you, screaming your head off – but it ain’t easy! It’s very tiring because you are constantly in a state of panic and fear.”


Aside from film and television, Agnes Bruckner has also appeared on stage as Glinda, the Good Witch.


In 2002, the Motion Picture Club named her “Star of Tomorrow.”


Agnes Bruckner said she doesn’t participate in “the Hollywood part of Hollywood” and travels or stays at home with her family during her free time. She is also a hardcore gamer. “I’ve been obsessed with playing World of Warcraft for 8 years…it’s just a fun escape to go off and raid Orc villages and ride on the back of flying lions on my off time.”


She said people would be surprised to learn that “I am a huge nerd and homebody at heart. I love watching ‘Whale Wars’ while playing World of Warcraft and having a glass of red wine. That, to me, is the perfect combo.”


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She said her favorite Marvel superhero is “Typhoid Mary and Mrs. Marvel…I love all of them. I think it would be amazing to play a superhero or Marvel character.”


Agnes Bruckner lives in Los Angeles.

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Agnes  Bruckner photo Actress <p>Agnes Bruckner is an American actress who has worked steadily on&nbsp;a number of projects, including &ldquo;24&rdquo; and &ldquo;Private Practice,&rdquo; but her star may rise even more with her portrayal of Anna Nicole Smith in the bio-pic &ldquo;The Anna Nicole Story.&rdquo;</p>
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