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Adrianne Curry is a model and TV personality who was born in Joliet, Illinois.

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Her self-description on Twitter says it all: Bi Polar, Angst Ridden, Video Game Loving Child of the 90s obsessed with fantasy 80s movies & NIN. Mistress of the Dorks. She is of Italian ancestry and growing up once had a pet snake. Adrianne said of her lean body, I have been a tomboy and athlete all my life. I play softball, basketball, run track and work out a lot (

Still, as a teenager, she was hooked on heroin and cocaine and dropped out of high school in 2000 when she was still a junior. Though she earned her GED, she jumped from job to job until she applied to become a contestant on a new UPN program, Americas Top Model.

She won, but the show didnt put any money into us. I was supposed to get a Revlon contract, but that fell throughI realized people will lie and walk all over you for self-gain if youre not careful.


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After her win, Adrianne Curry modeled for a variety of magazines, including Maxim, Stuff and OK!, among others. She also posed nude in Playboy (making their Top 25 Sexiest Women in 2008 list). She walked the runway for brands such as Ed Hardy, Von Dutch and Christopher Dean.

She said, I am not going to change. I refuse to be a diva. Adrianne told Maxim, Im everything that nobody would expect a supermodel to beIm not out to impress anybody. Im me, and thats it. She added, I dont care if Im 45 years old when I go to college, Im going to do it. My main goal is to be a zoologist and open a wildcat sanctuary.

Adrianne Curry later married, then divorced Christopher Knight (Peter Brady of The Brady Bunch).

Adrianne Currys television work includes appearances on The Surreal Life, Celebrity Family Feud, My Fair Brady and Stan Lees World of Heroes. Other appearances on shows include Half & Half, Ballbreakers, Hot Properties, Gameshow Marathon and Lingerie Bowl.

Recently, she has promoted her own bodyspray line, Erox. She also frequently posts pictures of herself on Twitter, leading some critics to call her a Twitter model.

Per her Facebook, Adrianne Currys interests are World of Warcraft, Star Wars The old republic, Diablo, PS3, Xbox 360, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, TOSH, Anything J.R.R. Tolkien, fantasy, general badassery, and of course, NINE INCH NAILS.

Adrianne Curry is bisexual and enjoys cosplay (and was once asked to leave ComiCon due to her revealing outfit.) She also had breast enhancement surgery to even out her unsymmetrical breast size.

Adrianne Curry lives in Los Angeles.

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Adrianne  Curry photo Model/TV personality <p>Adrianne Curry is a model and TV personality who was born in Joliet, Illinois.</p>
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Adrianne Curry D.O.B.1982-08-06 AGE 34 HOMETOWN Joliet CURRENT TOWN Los Angeles, CA HEIGHT 5' 11" HAIR COLOR brunette EYE COLOR hazel ETHNICITY Caucasian JOB Model/TV personality MARITAL STATUS Divorced from Christopher Knight RELATED CELEBRITIES Dated Jane Wiedlin/span>
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