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Abbee Kimberly is a glamour model from the United Kingdom best known for what she calls on Twitter her “Body, Breasts & Bum.” Her measurements are 32-25-36 with a giant G cup size.

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Abbee Kimberly is a mix of Mauritian and Spanish heritage. As a teenager, she took part in the Miss London & Miss Intercontinental beauty pageant, finishing in the finals for both.


She is trained as a dancer in ballet, jazz, tap and contemporary dance.


Abbee Kimberly made a splash after landing in UK magazines such as Nuts, Zoo, HeDD and the Daily Sport newspaper. She got into modeling when she was 17 and was spotted by a talent scout. She signed with an agency right away, but had to wait until she was 18 to start working for them.


Abbee Kimberly said her favorite projects involve shooting in Spain, as that’s her motherland.


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She said she’s into bad boys, but wishes she were into nice guys. “Bad boys are never good for you! I’m very attracted to muscles, too. It’s important to me for a guy to have a good body.” She doesn’t like arrogance in a man.


Abbee Kimberly prefers a tiny thong as compared to boy shorts. She said the favorite part of her body is “my booty, baby. I can make it move in ways you wouldn’t have thought possible.”


She added, “Despite what you may think I actually have a degree in psychology. You might say I have brains as well as some other rather special attributes.” She also has a navel piercing.


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When she has down time, Abbee Kimberly likes to relax and watch movies. She admitted she’s both dominant and submissive in the bedroom. And her fantasy is “getting naughty with a sexy guy in a busy shop changing room” (


Abbee Kimberly lives in London, England.

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Abbee  Kimberly photo Glamour model <p>Abbee Kimberly is a glamour model from the United Kingdom best known for what she calls on Twitter her &ldquo;Body, Breasts &amp; Bum.&rdquo; Her measurements are 32-25-36 with a giant G cup size.</p>
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Abbee Kimberly photo Abbee Kimberly photo