Hot Redheads Are Taking Over Instagram…And Our Hearts

Photo: Kniel Synnatzschke (Getty Images)

Oh, redheads, that oft-forgotten category of women. Well, not for us. Hot redheads are pure gold and Instagram is our mine. There’s something about redheads that blondes, brunettes, and black-haired girls can’t even approximate. It’s as if they belong in a fairy tale.

Check out this gallery of the hottest redheads on Instagram.

Објава коју дели YourWhiteTulip (@yourwhitetulip) дана

Yeah, it’s nice when a girl wears sexy lingerie, but when a redhead does it, it almost feels like witchcraft. It looks like Donna Pinciotti grew into a fine young woman.

Објава коју дели Beatrice Frasson Lorenzi (@beatrice.lorenzi) дана

American flag clothing on a blonde girl? Trashy. American flag clothing on a redhead? Vintage. That’s just the way it is.

Објава коју дели Clare Mtt (@selysia_tally) дана

A disproportionate number of hot redheads are cosplayers, like this girl. No wonder so many nerds are into them.

Објава коју дели Leticia (@leti_it_be) дана

Sexy Redheads On The Silver Screen: The Hottest Hollywood Redheads

Објава коју дели Madeleine Baldacchino (@madeleinebaldacchino) дана

Hot redheads come in various shapes, but when someone says a hot redhead we instantly think about this girl. She’s the perfect prototype.

@_a_mara је поделио/ла објаву дана

Being cute, sexy, and edgy at the same time makes for a fatally hot redhead. Other girls never stood a chance.

Објава коју дели Maiara Raybolt ★ Lifestyle (@ehamaiara) дана

Perfect Americana style even though this hot redhead is (unfortunately) not from the States.

Објава коју дели Martina FR (@la_rossssa) дана

Red Alert! It Doesn’t Get Hotter Than Christina Hendricks’ Gifs

Објава коју дели Doris (@doris_bru_94) дана

Is it just us or are a lot of hot redheads living in Italy? Abundant pizza and redheads: this is the promised land.

Објава коју дели Brigitte