Kara Del Toro Did The ‘Power Rangers’ Premiere In This Dress

I read a review that said the new Power Rangers movie was “actually pretty great” with such glowing praise as, “make no mistake, Power Rangers is a cash grab” and “the movie opens with a borderline-incomprehensible prologue” and “it is also, jaw-droppingly, one long Krispy Kreme commercial”, so maybe they wanted it to be great then forgot to change the headline. It remains unclear at this time. Then Rotten Tomatoes told me it has a 47% and the name of the movie is actually “Saban’s Power Rangers“.  Nick Saban would have been good for an 86% at least. Maybe hire him for one of the six sequels they’re planning. Anyway, this really has nothing to do with that fact that Kara Del Toro has really big tits and these pictures I downloaded.  My apologies to Kara Del Toro. I should have lead with that.