Katy Perry’s New Song Is Garbage

Fresh out the oven! Listen everywhere: link in profile.

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You might not believe this, but Katy Perry released a new single called, “Bon Appetit” that she wrote with her Cliches About Food and Totally On The Nose Sexual Innuendo books then called Migos. Here’s some highlights of the lyrical genius!


“Spread like a buffet”

“Appetite for seduction”

“Fresh out the oven”

“You could use some sugar, because your levels ain’t right” (I guess the person is a diabetic?)

“You want what I’m cookin'”

“Under candlelight, we can wine and dine, our table for two”

“Eat with your hands”

“I’m on the menu”

“So you want some more, I’m open 24”

“Hit that sweet tooth”

“Running back for seconds”


Not to bring this up again, but Katy Perry campaigned for Hillary. You guys need to own that.