Ariel Winter And Demi Lovato Did The ‘Smurfs: The Lost Village’ Premiere

Since Hollywood is just gonna continue to reboot shit to profit off recognizable brand names until we’re all dead or until The A-Team movie gets an all female cast, they already rebooted the Smurfs movie they did in 2013. It’s called Smurfs: The Lost Village. I saw a torrent of the movie and a Smurf carves “Croatoan” into a tree. Demi Lovato plays Smurfette and Ariel Winter plays Smurflily. I assume this movie is for children, but Ariel isn’t about that life. She’s grown woman and she can wear a see through short ass dress to a premiere for a children’s movie to prove she’s a grown woman if she wants. And Meghan Trainor is the voice of Smurf Melody, so we know off top that Smurfs aren’t the greatest singers. Not sure what they do exactly.