Olivia Munn Says The Green Bay Packers Had A Lot Of ‘Off The Field Adversity’

Olivia Munn


So, I live in John Lewis’ congressional district in Atlanta, and while I’ve never seen anything burn down, I did witness 53 dudes from a red state get fucking murdered here yesterday. Olivia Munn dates one of those dudes. His name is Aaron Rodgers. You might have seen him on television in State Farm commercials or running for his life in the Georgia Dome. What is this “off the field adversity” she speaks of? Let’s find out!


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I don’t know how familiar Munn is with other player’s off the field adversity, but one she knows a lot about is Aaron Rodgers hasn’t spoken to his family in two years. He mails Christmas presents back and didn’t attend his grandfather’s funeral. We’re a month into 2017, Rodgers and Munn started dating in 2014. You’re good with math. There’s rumors his family might be racist and disapprove of him dating an Asian. There’s rumors that Munn clash with his family, who are super conservative and religious. There’s rumors that Aaron Rodgers is gay, and see the second part of that last sentence. Earlier this month, Aaron Rodgers’ father gave an interview with The New York Times, and basically all he said was “fame can change things“. Put all this stuff together, and I have no idea. I also have no idea why the Packers decided to play man coverage on Julio Jones when they were down 24 points. So much mystery here.