Margot Robbie Is Wearing A Fat Suit To Play 90s Tonya Harding

Margot Robbie


I know we talk about whitewashing happening a lot in Hollywood, but why don’t we ever talk about hotwashing? Because there’s no way in hell I’m supposed to believe Margot Robbie is Tonya Harding. Oh wait. Maybe I can.


Wearing a pair of high-waisted ’90s jeans, a marbled blue sweater and sporting a wildly curled blonde wig, Robbie, 26, looked every bit the part of the disgraced former figure skater. Robbie seemed to be sporting some face prosthetics — as well as a body suit — to further look like Harding for the film about the events leading up to the 1994 attack of rival figure skater Nancy Kerrigan.


This is probably the best thing to happen to Tonya Harding before she convinced her husband to take out Nancy Kerrigan’s knee. Tonya Harding could free a plastic surgery genie from a lamp and still not look as good as Margot Robbie in a fat suit.