Settle Down, Miley Cyrus

Good morning!!!! Kiss my ashtanga ass if you aren’t voting for @hillaryclinton #imwithher #mydreamistodoyogawithHC

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Miley Cyrus ran up on students at George Mason University trying to smoke weed and eat Ramen in peace last weekend to get them to vote for Hillary Clinton. Now she’s telling those students they can kiss her ass if they don’t vote for Clinton. This isn’t really a message you should be sending to today’s youth. You should let them know that this election is totally rigged and that the global elites awaiting to usher in the New World Order have already decided Clinton will be elected. And when you’re rigging an election for Democrats, it’s important to let the American people know, 16 days before the election, that Affordable Care Act premium costs are jumping 25% . Haha take that, Trump! Now way you’re winning now, buddy!