Mariah Carey Had A Halloween Party

We have less than a week for Halloween, so that means a bunch of drunk Harley Quinn’s walking around looking for gluten free craft beer and their dates, possibly named Kyle, still mad that they had to dress up like The Joker. Kyle’s friend, Cooper, will think it’s hilarious that he’s wearing a sombrero because he went as “Bad Hombre”. Cooper will then be standing in the corner having an argument with a Jill Stein supporter, Ashleigh, because she’s four shots in and feels the need to lecture everyone about cultural appropriation and cisgender misogyny intersectional random buzzword she learned on Tumblr the day before trigger. Anyway, although she’s best known for Christmas, Mariah Carey had a Halloween party this weekend and her fiance wasn’t there. Her ex-husband was there though. Not sure what what was about.