Taylor Swift Won’t Let Lady Gaga Get Away With This

I never thought to realize that Taylor Swift would take never being asked to perform during a Super Bowl halftime show as a slap in the face and a personal affront, but I guess we should have known. So in keeping with her passive aggressive life philosophy, Lady Gaga may be performing during the actual Super Bowl, but Taylor Swift will be performing all weekend.

Looks like Lady Gaga’s got some unexpected company for Super Bowl weekend. Taylor Swift on Tuesday signed a giant multimillion-dollar deal with telecom giant AT&T that will have T-Swizzle headlining a concert extravaganza on the eve of the big game. The concert, part of the DirecTV Super Saturday Night event, will give Swift one of the biggest stages in music. It takes place in the stadium hosting the Super Bowl — which this year is in Houston.

Then Swift’s PR team had this added to the article I assume.

It seems Swift is a paid endorser of Diet Coke and the Super Bowl halftime show is sponsored by rival Pepsi. “She always wanted to play Super Bowl halftime but she has a deal with Diet Coke,” the source said of the 10-time Grammy winner. But getting shut out of the halftime performance wasn’t going to keep Swift too far from the bright lights of the super-size marketing event. “Taylor Swift knows how to monetize everything,” said one branding expert, who mused that perhaps the 26-year-old songbird’s “future music goes to AT&T.”

I also should have known that Taylor Swift likes Diet Coke so much she has a deal with them. It’s every sorority girl’s dream.