Amber Heard Is “Pretty Broke”, Homeless

If you want to click on Amber Heard‘s name here a relive the black magic that was the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard divorce, feel free. Life’s too short for me to do that again. Anyway, she continues to be the worst gold digger of all time.

Heard and Depp, 53, settled their divorce in mid-August, with Johnny paying Amber a $7 million settlement, which she donated to charity. However, he got to keep the pair’s LA condo where the alleged domestic violence occurred while Amber had to move out. “Right now, she’s pretty broke,” a source said. “And Johnny moved his friends into the condo they used to share.” According to the insider, his pals are acting like “guard dogs” and won’t let her retrieve her things upon her return from London. Johnny also “refuses to send her anything,” making the split even worse than previously thought.

Considering these are her monthly expensive, I assume “pretty broke” is relative here. Heard is in London right now shooting Justice League, which will eventually turn into bad publicity for her and everyone involved, so hopefully she leaks some stuff about Zack Snyder so the Warner Bros fire him. If needed, I can film it in slow motion.