Amber Heard Lost Money In The Divorce, Is Worst Gold Digger Of All Time

Amber Heard

iO Tillett Wright is a human person who lived with Amber Heard and Johnny Depp for a year in 2014 after Wright tried to kill himself or something to that effect. I kinda skimmed through. Wright is also the person who wrote the essay, “Why I Called 911“, back in June when all this divorce/domestic violence/media leak shit started going down. He says Heard is his best friend, but has cut Depp out of his life for what we can assume are obvious reasons. He also said this:

Wright has now come out to back Heard and reveal she paid all her own legal fees and accepted a settlement that was much lower than she could have got. Discussing the fact she could have got more than the $7 million, he said: ‘And she paid her own legal fees. That situation was so public. I’m not ever going to be one of them – I’m not ever going to be an A-list celebrity. But I chose to get involved in that situation because it was imperative to say what I thought was right.’

I didn’t know it was possible to marry a millionaire in California, get abused by him, have documented evidence of the abuse, get divorced, then end up having to take out a car title loan to help out with rent and pet supplies. This is like a Lifetime Original horror movie.