Tom Hiddleston Allegedly Dumped Taylor Swift Because She Was Boring

Tom Hiddleston

Earlier this week, Taylor Swift‘s team actually wanted you to believe that she was the one who put the brakes on the relationship” with Tom Hiddleston. Yeah, ok. Now Tom Hiddleston’s friends say he broke up with her because she was boring. 

But now friends of Tom Hiddleston have come forward to claim it was in fact he who decided to give Taylor Swift the boot as he had grown ‘tired of her.’ The 35-year-old Thor star is said to be so fickle with women that he dumps them all with monotonous regularity, a development which led his associates christening the time frame as ‘the three month rule.’  A theatre producer who worked with the wannabe James Bond on Coriolanus told Heat Street: ‘The reports are wide of the mark and come as news to all Tom’s friends. ‘He grew tired of Taylor, it wasn’t the other way round.’

Like, I want to believe this, but then I remember that he used to date this. And she had him dying of thirst. Anyway, this whole story is also boring now.  Just like their eventual sex tape that will leak which will basically be Taylor giving him handjob and stopping every 30 seconds because Tom isn’t maintaining eye contact.