Tom Hiddleston Is Moving In With Taylor Swift, She Also Followed Him To Australia


Taylor and Tom arriving in Sydney, Australia today!

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Tom Hiddleston, seen here praying for the sweet release of a quick death, is moving into Taylor Swift‘s mansion so her prayers to the Barbie gods for her very own real life Ken can finally be answered. 

Taylor asked Tom to move into her oceanfront Malibu mansion,” an insider tells Life & Style, adding that the conversation went down over a romantic dinner during the couple’s trip to Rome. “He loves the idea because they can’t bear to be apart from each other.”

Dude. Christ. Pull yourself together, man. Also, remember when I said Hiddleston’s only hope for escape was Thor: Ragnarok filming in Australia? So much for that.

The couple were seen arriving at Sydney International Airport on Thursday. The evening before, there was a Hiddleswift sighting at Los Angeles Airport where they landed from Rhode Island, the location of the singer’s “Taymerica” Fourth of July weekend bash.

For the past month, Tom Hiddleston’s had to wear Taylor Swift like a colostomy bag, so either she has the greatest pussy that’s ever existed, or his lawyers failed to get him the best contract. After he moves in, there’s no way he won’t have to wear one of those collars that explodes if he wanders off the property if he manages to get past the guards and dragon moat.