Amanda Seyfried Stole A Husband

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried is dating actor Thomas Sadoski who she met while doing the off-Broadway show The Way We Get By in April 2015.  Let’s do some math here:

At the time, he was married to his wife of eight years, Kimberly Hope, and Seyfried was in a relationship with movie star Justin Long…Sadoski filed for divorce from Hope on August 14, 2015…

Then Amanda Seyfried split with Justin Long a month later. That was the math I was talking about earlier. I just Googled a picture of Kimberly Hope, so I definitely get it. Like, eight years? Enough is enough, man. Especially since he got to see this every night (NSFW):

That really wasn’t a difficult decision, right? I mean, it wasn’t. Like not at all. Oh, and they’re currently shooting a movie together called The Last Word, where I assume he tries to fuck her as much as possible between takes. If not, then this whole post was kind of a waste of time.

Here’s Amanda Seyfried on set of The Last Word where she seems to be just standing around. Where you at, Thomas? Don’t make us all regret this. By the way, if that video makes you want to look up Amanda Seyfried topless pics, I got you. Those linked words will take you there. No need to thank me. I do all this for you.