Lea Michele Is Single

Lea Michele

Depending on the light, Lea Michele looks like a dude or like she recently entered into a covenant with Black Philip. That being said, her model boyfriend of two years, Matthew Paetz, dumped her before Valentine’s Day. 

Lea Michele is a single lady again….”Their split is a huge shock to all their friends,” a source tells ET. “Lea and Matthew were talking about getting engaged as recently as around the holidays. Everyone thought they would get engaged soon, but definitely not split.” “She’s doing well and is focusing on friends and work,” a source tells us. “This has been very sudden and hard, but if anyone can pick herself up it’s Lea. She has a great network of friends.”

I guess the bright side is that she’ll now have the chance to cut her own bangs with a broken wine bottle and get caught up on Grey’s Anatomy or whatever it is white girls do when they get dumped.