A Guy Was Arrested At Taylor Swift’s House

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift officially has six songs for her next album now. 

Cops swarmed to Taylor Swift’s L.A. home Wednesday afternoon when a suspicious looking man was seen wandering at the foot of her driveway.  LAPD officers took the man, decked out in fatigues, into custody around 4 PM. Law enforcement sources tell us police got a call from someone in the neighborhood … reporting an individual lurking “around Taylor Swift’s house.”  TMZ obtained shots of the man getting cuffed and placed in a police car. He didn’t put up a fight and showed no outward signs of violent behavior. It’s unclear if Taylor was home at the time. We’re told, after questioning the suspect … officers determined he needed evaluation at a hospital. He has not been booked for any crime at this point.

I mean, two years ago Taylor Swift probably wouldn’t minded too much about a dude outside her house. They could have dated then broken up when she went back inside. Or they could have dated as long as she dated Harry Styles. Whichever one is shorter. I think it’s the first one I’m not sure. 

I don’t have any new pics of Taylor Swift so here’s Bella Thorne last night. Bella Thorne last night is great. You should try it.