Nick Jonas Is Banging Lily Collins

When Nick Jonas broke up with Olivia Cuplo she got naked, and when he wouldn’t text Kate Hudson back she got naked. He’s apparently dating Lily Collins now. Don’t let us down, Nick. 

A source tells ET the 23-year-old singer has started dating Lily Collins — actress and daughter of legendary musician Phil Collins. While the relationship is new, the source says, the two “are both into each other.”  A separate source tells ET that the pair, along with a group of friends, spent a weekend together at Mammoth Mountain, a ski resort in California.

I honestly have no idea how this came out of Phil Collins‘ balls. Like, how did that happen. That’s not supposed to happen. What does Hilary Clinton not want us to know? Did you know that Wall St. paid confidential speeches emails Beghazi Iowa servers something about coin tosses? That’s what I thought. Educate yourself. Read as many memes as you can.