Calvin Harris Thinks Taylor Swift Still Likes Harry Styles

Maybe Harry Styles is a member the girl squad. Chill, Calvin.

Taylor Swift, 25, said she is never ever getting back together with Harry Styles, 21, but her current boyfriend, Calvin Harris, 31, is worried she still has feelings for him. Even the mere mention of Harry’s name gets him all hot and bothered — and not in a good way. “Calvin has separated himself from his playboy ways and is all in with his relationship with Taylor. He doesn’t like when she mentions her exes. He wants her to not talk about them, even if it’s her throwing shade at them. He wants her to be totally devoted to him. He gets jealous thinking that she still may have feelings for people like Harry or others she has dated — it’s upsetting to him,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Since this is a Taylor Swift story, it involves a Tumblr post. Which, according to reports, is what made Harris upset. According to other reports, burritos are two for one at the Mexican place around the block so I’m going there right now. Thoughts and prayers to Calvin and Taylor.

Shout out to Taylor Swift’s vagina tho: