Elizabeth Olsen Got Dumped

“Miss me with that joint Facebook account, son”

According to Star, Tom Hiddleston dumped Elizabeth Olsen because she wouldn’t tell people they were dating. No pressure, Elizabeth.

Talk about playing too hard to get. While it seemed as though ‘I Saw the Light’s’ Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen were ready to go public with their new romance, insiders claim the actress had trouble committing to her costar once filming wrapped. “Elizabeth’s so focused on her career,” reveals a pal. “She just wasn’t sure she could handle a serious relationship right now.” Tired of trying to make sense of her mixed signals, Tom broke it off with Elizabeth before he left to film ‘Kong: Skull Island’ in Hawaii – not that he’s singing the blues. “He seems determined to enjoy himself out here, partying late into the night with cast and crew,” says a source on set. “And no one can help but notice just how close he’s gotten to quite a few of the gorgeous girls working on the production.”

So, Elizabeth Olsen wanted some D on demand while on set, Tom Hiddleston confused that with feelings, and here we are. Helping Star sell ad space. Pretty straightforward. I guess you could say Tom left with his dignity or whatever, but he also left without the possibility of ever getting a 3am text from Elizabeth Olsen. Not sure it was worth all that. Somebody should fund a research grant so some people at a college can splice Tim Tebow, Tom Hiddleston, and Drake together to make the world’s worst girlfriend.